Tanya Borodina - borders


Tanya Borodina

A year ago, I moved from Moscow to Malmö and found myself going down the rabbit hole. I faced a need to rediscover myself. But who is “me” exactly within those new rhythms and ways of life, a different tongue and norms? One can barely express what’s inside, thus exposing what’s perceivable - externalities, boundaries and margins of a personality. For a spectator: “I am” = my borders. Humbly starting from the borders of the body, advancing into the social framework. Well, not always so “humbly”, I must say… sometimes to find the border, I have to step over the edge :) You’ll find some of those borders instantaneously recognizable and some are such, that you have to work on ‘em for a while. Those pictures are an attempt to convey what it is to try to find my own boundaries in this new environment.