”It´s 2018 and time for election in Sweden. Benedikte Esperis performance concept LATERLAND interferes with public spaces through short performance actions. During Nordic Fringe Network 2018, topics of migration, loss of legacy and heritage are exposed. LATERLAND is a corporeal act created specifically for every site and occasion, inviting local participants"

Benedikte Esperi invites to a workshop in methods of how to create and compose a collective performative action in public space.

All workshop participants will be invited to participate in the performance LATERLAND same day;
25th of August
1 pm in Nordstan
2 pm at Stigbergstorget.

The workshop fee is 250 Skr / 25 Euro. No fee for members of Danscentrum and/or Fringe Artists. Minimum age 18 yrs.
Participating in the performance is voluntary and part of the Nordic Fringe Network Festival Program as a free public event.
For attending the workshop and info: benedikte.esperi@gmail.com

About Benedikte
Hosted by Nordic Fringe Network - NFN Gothenburg Fringe 2018

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