Alice Visentin
Claire Milbrath
Frederik Næblerød
Jan 17 — Feb 10, 2019 

  • As the first exhibition of 2019, Nevven is proud to present Hypnagogiaa three—person show featuring a selection of sculptures by Frederik Næblerød, drawings by Claire Milbrath and paintings by Alice Visentin.Hypnagogiais the transitional state in between wakefulness and sleep. At the border between science and occult, this experience of threshold consciousness is where idyllic experiences such as lucid dreaming and hallucinations take place, but also where terrifying phenomena as sleep paralysis occur before the onset of sleep. Proven to exists yet uncharted in its possibilities, the hypnagogic state is a place of beautiful dreams and terrible nightmares, a kaleidoscopic realm where our subconscious touches our woken mind with unforeseeable and often uncontrollable results.Italian artist Alice Visentin is exploring the possibilities of painting with her unique and larger then life depictions of mysterious and mystical characters, which recall ancient statues coming to life. The figures she paints inhabit what seems to be a timeless dream, playing musical instruments or dancing, wearing clothes from another time and place, while surrounded by a luxuriant, alien nature. From the depth of this oneiric scenery Visentin’s characters emerge like higher beings, inviting us to join them and lose ourselves in their own dream.Claire Milbrath is a Canadian artist using drawing and painting in a style informed by various naive artists of the past, especially in her disregard of perspective and classical rendering of the human forms. Her work is obsessively centred around a character and alter—ego that she calls Poor Gray. Aimless, wealthy, anxious, effeminate and rendered as an angelic blonde figure in often dreamy settings, Gray is used by Milbrath to explore concepts of gender, masculinity and power—systems in satyrical, erotic and oneiric depiction.Danish painter and sculptor Frederik Næblerød is depicting a realm where monsters, goblins, hyper—sexualised anthropomorphous beings, sea creatures and unfriendly visitors from outer space thrive and roam in a seemingly eternal darkness. Næblerød’s art is powerful, playful and direct. He is able to reinterpret classic media as oil on canvas or earthenware sculpture into new experiences, bending and twisting their rules and properties for the only purpose of better serving his seemingly limitless imagination. Dark and often terrifying, his sculptures and paintings are a journey into a nightmare, fascinating and humorous, savvily crafted yet intuitively created.Hypnagogiawants to symbolically place the different practices of these three young artist in this obscure yet so fascinating territory of the mind; on the thin edge within dreams and reality. In January, the middle of the long and dark Scandinavian Winter, Hypnagogiahopes to be an atypical and immersive experience. Where Claire Milbrath, Alice Visentin and Frederik Næblerød, whose diverse works transcend the expectations and schemes of our woken mind, temporarily transform the gallery in a place of fantasies, dreams and nightmares.